Social Responsibility & Ethics

LintazIndustries takes responsibility for the impact of its activities on all its stakeholders as well as on the environment. It considers the society and communities it operates in as its important stakeholders. LintazIndustries is fully conscious of its social responsibilities.

"The greatest of all arts is the art of losing ourselves in the service of others".

This is undoubtedly the objective of LintazIndustries, which actively takes part with immense interest in funding educational and healthcare projects and organizations.

LintazIndustries extends maximum possible support dedicated to serve humanity.

LintazIndustries strives to spread happiness amongst the less fortunate, hoping to ensure its future stability and provide people encouragement to continue moving forward. It is LintazIndustries belief that this is insurance in perpetuity and is also a form of assurance that protects its future. LintazIndustries has a commitment to the community, fulfilled by its various contributions, which are an ongoing activity to promote an environment of peace and prosperity.

LintazIndustries administration personnel ensure that the Group's employees have a safe, comfortable and efficient work environment in its offices to enable them to serve customers better. The Administration provides all the necessary facilities to make the employees' business travel safe and comfortable.

LintazIndustries moves on successfully only by following the firm belief that: "The roots of happiness grow deepest in the soil of service."

Company Policies

Corporate Policies

  • Establish excess from the customer expectation.
  • Commitment
  • Consistency
  • High quality assurance

Social Policies

Behind all success there are team of peoples who play vital role in any company, therefore to maximum satisfy our valued work force we have established in-house equipped residential facilities ( Residential colony) covering 110,000 sq. ft. We are also providing production incentives to our all workers. To feel ownership of product and business prestige we give equal opportunities